We would love to share with you a gorgeous testimonial that we recently received.  This is one of the many reasons that Bean Burst was created. Thanks again for all your support BB x

Testimonial / product review By Oreen Kirkpatrick

I’ve tried almost everything on my face and researched almost every skin product on the market, always trying to avoid those with harsh ingredients that affect my skin (SLS is especially poison to my skin and in 99% of most facial cleansers). I was diagnosed with Folliculitis in January this year which has been described to me basically as ‘teenage acne’. Something I am experiencing in my 40’s so they give it an adult name perhaps. My skin also suffers symptoms of psoriasis but I do not have it nor eczema but I suffer itchy, flaky and inflamed skin when in times of high volumes of stress.

I was given the Orange Bean Burst as a gift from a friend who uses it herself. When I read the back of the package to see claims it helps with many of my skin problems and the fact it contains all natural ingredients (which are hard to find these days!), I thought, “Well, I’ve tried everything else, why not this.” So I decided to give it a two week trial to see if I noticed any improvement to the horrors my face has suffered in the last year.

This product is just short of miraculous for my skin!

Week 1, I used it Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Each time I tried it slightly differently. Monday – used as a scrub and left on 5 minutes, Wednesday – I applied it gently, didn’t scrub my skin and left it on for 10 minutes. On Friday, I used it as a scrub and a ‘cleanser’ and rinsed off without leaving it on.

By Week 2, I knew the best way for my skin was to apply it gently (no scrubbing), leave on for 10 minutes and rinse the coffee grounds off. (I used it again 3 times in my second week)

After 2 weeks my skin feels transformed!! Even the medicated creams I was prescribed in January for my folliculitis did not work as effectively or with such quick results as I’ve seen with the Bean Burst. After 2 weeks, I have almost a spot free face compared to just even a month ago when I’d lose count at around 30 spots at any given time. Folliculitis is also extremely painful (it is for me anyway) but Bean Burst took all that pain away just after the first use and I’ve not had a painful face since!

I dare say I am actually seeing hints of a glow on my usual grey and sallow skin for the first time in months. I almost didn’t recognise myself in the mirror the other day!! Thank you Bean Burst for saving my skin!

Oreen kirkpatrick, North London


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